As a spin-off of the two universities of Osnabrück and Saarbrücken, Didactic Innovations GmbH designs innovative education and training scenarios for the company of the future. We design and digitize modern teaching and learning formats and form them into a new combination of didactics and technology – or in one concept: Didactic Innovations.

Easy to Understand
Understanding and communicating the essential effects of digitization.
The objective and manufacturer-neutral advice and support of companies.
The development of teaching and learning content on central topics of digitization.
The methodically sound development and use of teaching and learning formats.
The combination of didactics and technology to create new products and services.
The implementation of modern teaching and learning content on mobile devices and wearables.


Both at the Department of Didactics of Prof. Dr. Julia Knopf in Saarbrücken as well as at the Chair for Business Informatics of Prof. Dr. Oliver Thomas in Osnabrück, Germany, innovative software systems for school and vocational education and training are being developed and tested. While Saarbrücken focuses on didactic methods and models, in Osnabrück technology and the use of new digital media in different sectors play an important role.

The added value lies precisely in the combination of both competence lines. Within a short period of time, we have been able to combine the development of modern learning formats and the use of new technologies into innovative solutions in education and training along the lifelong education chain through joint project activities.

Digital Strategies in Education
Your most important resource are your employees. Only well-trained employees ensure satisfied customers. Education and training are thus an investment in the future of your company. We support you in the strategic design of your training and further education scenarios. We develop individual teaching and learning formats and implement them on modern, internet-based platforms.
Corporate Education Engineering
The efficient use of innovative teaching and learning formats requires an analysis of your core business processes. On the basis of these analyzes, we restructure your training and further education processes. Education and training thus become creative and value-adding elements of your company's processes.
Didactic Systems and Technology
Training for your company is more than just selecting and implementing a learning management system. Intranet-based solutions for the design of teaching and learning scenarios quickly reach their limits in the age of digitization and rarely allow the use of future technologies, such as augmented or virtual reality. Nevertheless, these technologies should not alone be in the foreground. Therefore, we digitize your teaching and learning content sustainably, so that they can be used independently of technologies and devices in the future as well.
Didactic Content Engineering
Education and training today are not only digital – they also contain more and more digital topics. But only if your employees also understand what "digital" really means will education and training become your company's success. On the trend topics of digitization, such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Smart Services or Augmented and Virtual Reality,
We therefore produce understandable teaching and learning modules in your corporate context.


The team of Didactic Innovations GmbH consists of scientifically and practically experienced digitization and didactic experts. Selected publications on digitization in education and training, on the use of modern technologies such as augmented and virtual reality in the context of digitization and education, or on new smart services for trainers and apprentices prove the innovative strength of the company.

Our Team

Prof. Knopf
Prof. Dr. Julia Knopf
Teaching & Learning Technologies
Prof. Thomas
Prof. Dr. Oliver Thomas
New Technologies & Corporate Education
Thorsten Dollmann
Technologies & Software Engineering
Jannick Eckle
Content & Didactic Solutions
Michael Nagel
Smart Learning & Design
Sina-Marie Schneider
Content & Didactic Solutions
Anne Jungfleisch
Didactic Assistant Digital Education
Eva Kartes
Didactic Assistant Digital Education
Carina Pfeifer
Didactic Assistant Digital Education
Sikandar Ali


We’re looking for Motivated & Energetic Minds!

Prof. Thomas
Prof. Dr. Oliver Thomas

With Didactic Innovations GmbH, we develop concepts for the digitization of education and training for our customers that lead to the sustainable improvement of internal processes and enable the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as augmented and virtual reality.

Prof. Knopf
Prof. Dr. Julia Knopf

With Didactic Innovations GmbH we combine new technologies and modern learning formats to innovative solutions in education and training along the lifelong education chain.


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